Experience the history

of liberty hall

Modeled after European gardens from the 18th century
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Walk the paths that historic leaders once did.
View the land

Experience the history

of liberty hall

See the land as what it once was
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Liberty Hall Grounds at Kean University is maintained on a 12-acre lot with historical, botanical, and general tours mapped out for visitors. Here people of all ages can learn about and experience the grounds as Governor William Livingston intended it.

The History of Liberty Hall Orchard

aerial view of Liberty Hall

The Land

Beginning in the 18th century, see how the land has evolved and grown over the course of its years.
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Champion trees

Learn the history behind each champion tree that the grounds has to offer. Learn where they came from and their significance to Liberty Hall.
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children at Liberty Hall


Here will be where students can come to get information or teachers can come to look at resources for lesson plans.
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